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Go beyond managing your Fitness Studio or Sports Center - build a strong brand and a loyal following with Aactively. Come online on Aactively and tap onto the new age online customers. We focus on enabling Gyms, Sports Centers, and Fitness event organizers to build successful, growing businesses and improving worldwide health and wellbeing.
Aactively was founded to support an industry which has a huge potential for growth –fitness studios, Gyms, Sports Venues who know that having a strong online presence, brand and focus on community are important factors to grow the business. You can access thousands of fitness members every day. We are expanding daily across major cities.

Partner with Aactively today and accelerate the growth of your business with a suite of branding, lead generation and lead conversion tools.

Aactively Partner Advantages

Huge Network
There are thousands of members registered on Aactively, looking for fitness activities. Some of these are new to fitness, just looking to try their hand at fitness, while others are veterans, and many are travelers who are in new area and need to keep up with their routine. Aactively ensures that whoever they are, they see your facilities, activities and all the wonderful things you offer.

Free to List
Yes, you read that right! Aactively has no upfront fee to list with us. That's free advertising to a huge network of fitness individuals looking for activities every day. We make our money by collecting a small amount from each transaction.

Dashboard and Reports
You can keep a track of your business on desktop and on the go with our easy-to-use management dashboard and mobile app. With Aactively, you can take your business anywhere you are and get insights that will enable you to make the best and faster business decisions.

Manage how your packages are performing
When it comes to running your Fitness Studio, Sports Center or Fitness events business, you need to know how your packages are performing. Which package is frequently booked up? Which ones not? With our real-time tracking and reporting, analyze how your packages/tickets are performing in real-time and take action based on better insights. Get a holistic view and make adjustments based on the data.

It’s important to know how money is moving through your business. You can easily break down transactions made over a specific timeframe. All payment details can be easily viewed and managed on our user friendly dashboard. Easy member billing through credit card payments and direct debit integrated in the payment gateway. Accept payments from anywhere, benefit from transparent billing and manage payments within the Aactively platform.