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Welcome to Aactively – your one-stop shop to discover, contact and book gyms, fitness events and local sports pitches.

Aactively is the most flexible way to get fit. With Aactively, you get access to gyms and fitness events across the country, so it’s easier than ever to fit fitness into your life. Aactively is also a one-stop shop for sports players looking to find, contact and book local sports pitches. It is the hub for sports players for all types, whether you are a casual player wanting an after college game, or badminton rivals on a bright Sunday morning, or those looking for a social but competitive volleyball team to join.

We partner with the best gyms, fitness event organizers and sports venues in your city. Download and book instantly via the mobile app or desktop to experience a huge variety of activities near you while saving. Whether it is your daily workouts at your neighborhood gym or a dance lesson, find your favorite activity today.

With Aactively, you can go to any of these gyms and book sports pitches, wherever you are.

Amazing Simplicity

Advanced filtering lets you find the most affordable gym, fitness event, local pitch that supports your workout. Whether that is yoga, boxing, dance fitness or a hardcore weight regiment, we can help!

Agree to the standard waivers and with just a few clicks, you can pay with our secure payments system. That means when you sign up there's no paperwork, and nothing stopping you from getting right to your workout!

Find the Perfect Workout

You need to know what to expect when you head to the gym, any local pitch or a fitness event... What does the place look like, what are the hours, what amenities do they have, and more. We make that simple for you. No more Google searches to find gyms. Just open Aactively and see what is nearby! There are hundreds of fitness centers and local pitches on our platform already, and you can purchase access to a growing number of them every day! We are continuously expanding daily across major cities.

Secure, Fast Payments

With Aactively, you can view prices, pictures, specials and all other relevant information. When you find the perfect fitness activity, just a few clicks get you access through our secure payments system. We use maximum security payment processing, to make sure your data is protected.